Last night my G-ma told me that one of the perks of my G-pa being in a nursing home was the fact that she gets to watch all the football she wants. Then she went on about the Seahawks game. I just sat there. I didn't have anything to contribute.
As far as the Seahawks go - I have this fact: I got two scholarships when I graduated High School. One of them was in memory of a boy named Ben Olsen. He died of cancer during his junior year. The cool thing about Ben was that he had an amazing voice. He once sang the national anthem down in Seattle at a Seahawks game. He was like the Ryan White of our little town called Kenai.
Here's something else - Ben also got to make a wish with the "Make a Wish" foundation. He got to travel to yours truly - NYC - and saw Phantom of the Opera, and was able to go backstage and meet the cast. Everyone in my town thought that was totally awesome. I think the photo of him and the cast of Phantom was in our yearbook that year.