Today I entered the “help us name our restaurant” contest happening at this not-yet-open-falafel-joint down on St. Marks place. Knowing that it is located below an NYU dorm, and that it will most likely be frequented by students and cheesy village lovers, I submitted the following ideas: (oh yeah – the prize is 25 hundred smackers. In cash;)

St. Pitas Place
Tangled up in Shawarma
Pita’s R’ Us
Pitas on the Storm
Sex Pitas
Pita Pita Pumpkin Ita
Sonic Pita
Pita Calling
Falafel Dorm
Falafel 5 (everything is like under 5 bucks)
Falafel Fever
23 St. Falafel Place
Punk Pita
Pita Punks
Shawarma Dorma
Falafel Dorm
Yellow Pita Marine
All You Need is Pita