All of these thoughts stem from my watching the movie American Splendor. (Which would have been my favorite movie of 03'. But I saw it Jan. 1st.)
1. Blogging is the Harvey Pekar comic book of our generation.
2. My favorite city right now, is Cleveland. I have never been there, it wasn't portrayed in any beautiful sense in American Splendor - but it just seems like a place where people might want to stay and set up camp for a while.
3. The way American Splendor was done - reminds me of how I sometimes see events in my life. You kind of take in all in - and then add a caption. Like yesterday, on my run around the reservoir in Central Park. There is a point at the top of the loop - where you can see all of central park - midtown - and both sides of Manhattan. This is my fave part of the run - so yesterday I took a moment to do my usuals - a) give a nod to my 32nd floor coworkers in the black building ahead, b) check progress of the Time Warner Buildings, and c) look at this one building that looks like saraongs tower, and remind myself to look for it on my lunch break. So after doing all these things, I took a look West - (Wow) I took a look East - (Gosh) and was overcome with this sense of power and competition. I looked at both sides and added the caption: "East vs. West." I found it funny. Most of you probably wouldn't find that very funny.
4. Harvey Pekar is the New Yorker cartoonist of the Midwest.
5. American Splendor is the Annie Hall of our generation.

Paul Giamatti and Harvey Pekar. Apparently Paul's dad was the prez of Baseball when the Pete Rose incident happened. Or something like that.