Maybe I'm missing something with this whole "illegal immigrants can work here for a while legally" thing that Bush is proposing. It seems like such an obvious trap. Why would an illegal immigrant want to step forward and admit that they are here illegally - plus they will bring home less because of taxes.
If the government knows who is illegal - why don't they just throw them back to their homeland?
Its like we are rewarding them for getting into the country.
I just don't get it.
It seems so obvious what's really going on -
"Here illegal aliens, Here illegal aliens, work in the US! Pay taxes! Oh, hey - try not to make any babies while you are here.... And then - oh wait - are you going to vote for me or what? Remember, 'Yo hablo Espanol.' I thought me speaking Spanish would work the first time, but you still don't seem to be understanding that you should be voting for me. What else do you want? Okay fine, I will let a few cocaine shipments through Miami. But that's where I draw the line. As long as you vote for me. Heck, I can translate voting directions to Spanish for you - well, you probably can't understand me anyway so let me take that ballot from you and do it myself............"