Welcome to the inner thoughts of my sick mind:
I finally know the answer to the question that has been haunting me since I started working in this office:
Question: Which toilet is used least, in the ladies room??

Answer: The second from the right.

Why: Because at 09:30 this morning the lid was still up. No woman in their right mind would put the lid up after peeing. If they do, they are in the wrong bathroom. It is an underwritten rule (in the world of germ-o-phobes) that in a ladies bathroom, when the lid is still up, your seat has been freshly cleaned.
Of course I have been secretly keeping track of which stall receives the least amount of traffic. The last and first stalls are the most popular - always occupied. It is rare to see the second and third stalls filled – so I was debating between the two. Well, after 10 months of internal note taking, I have my answer.

So. Pecking order of stalls from most traffic to least traffic:
1. first stall
2. last stall
3. third stall
4. second stall

P.S. Don’t everyone start using that second stall. Its mine.