I am just passing time on the Anchorage Daily News website today. Counting down the days (156) until I get to go back and put my feet up. Here are some pictures that caught my eye:


a story from 2003 headlines:
Pilgrim family takes on the Park Service: The 17 members of the Pilgrim family stood in August on the 420 acres they bought near the head of McCarthy Creek in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. “We brought what the epitome of a wilderness family really is in Alaska,” said Papa Pilgrim, who carries a Bible, matches and heart-attack tablets in a buckskin holster on his belt. “We’re just modest, simple folks, not some strange religion.” Papa Pilgrim, whose real name is Robert Hale, wanted to build a subsistence farmstead, but access to the property was difficult. So Hale drove a bulldozer down an old mine access road and into a legal war with the National Park Service. In November, a federal judge ruled that the Park Service has the right to require a permit before the family can use a bulldozer to haul supplies up the route. (Photo by Marc Lester / Anchorage Daily News)

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