Tonight at 7pm, Rufus Wainwright will be in Chelsea (no shocker there) promoting his new album - "Want One". I have high expectations, and a feeling a little apprehension for the new album because since Poses, the dude has been through rehab and back. So we'll see how that changed the music. So far I like track 1.
Rufus Wainwright reminds me of Thanksgiving 2001. I was sent out to pick up some random spice at Whole Foods in Greenwhich, Connecticut - basil if I remember correctly. I ended up getting lost (I have to admit, kind of intentionally), and spent two hours driving back roads in Connecticut, while "Poses" blasted from the stereo.
I like the way I discovered Rufie too. I was at Borders, looking for a mix tape opening song. The tape was a compliation of track 8's, so I went up to every listening machine and listened to track 8. The second I heard the first drum taps of Rebel Prince, I knew that I had my opener. I think I listened to that CD straight for two months.