I am working to cross things off my NYC "to do" list, so last night I went to visit Strawberry Feilds. My first vision of what Strawberry Feilds would be like, is pretty much what I still want it to be like. I think the city should hire a few NYC Ballerina's - one male, one female. The ballerina's will all switch shifts, giving the feilds 24 hour coverage. Now, at the site, the ballerinas will prance around the tiled "imagine" circle so the tune of the Piggies song off of The White Album. That song has always sounded so Baroque to me, so they will be dressed in Baroque attire - the women wearing flower crowns, and the men wearing off-white tights with highly ornamented Bolero Jackets. They will sometimes throw rose petals up in the air, and they will act like nymphs - amid the city chaos. Perfect. Far from the reality I witnessed last night.
What I greeted instead where 4 hobo's smoking weed, two English tourists who insisted I take their picture as they sprawled out on the dirty ground, and one 8 year old named Robin. Yes, Robin was with me, and to everyone else's delight exclaimed "Wow! It smells great here!" As we entered a plume of bong smoke, and I droned on about the history of the Beatles... So yep, I have been there, done that. 10 more things to go.