Being fashionably two years late, as is always the case, I finally watched A.I. last night. The flick was pretty entertaining. I don't remember what the critics said at the time about the movie, but I do recall it not being the big blockbuster that everyone thought it would be. I was watching a few critics on the Charlie Rose show a couple months ago talk about the movie business. At one point in the interview Rose asks everyone to say their fave movie from the past few years. I forget what most the critics said, but I do remember one of the critics (I think it was the critic of US mag) say that A.I. was his favorite pick. So that stuck in my head, and I thought I would give it a shot. Not bad. I am pretty sure, that upon analysis the movie may be inconsistent, but I dug watching what others thought our future would look like. It was a little creepy seeing Manhattan underwater (pre 9/11) that was little creepy. So in closing, if anyone has not seen that movie - check it out.