I just heard that George Plimpton died. I know Robert Palmer died today as well, but I have to say that I am more saddened to hear of Plimpton's passing.

What is this site becoming? The Who-Do-You-Feel-More-Sad-About-When-Two-Relatively-Famous-People-Die-In-The-Same-Day Site?

Have no fear - I will not let that happen. However I will tell you a story that I always tell to friends visiting the city - or to friends who are J-walking. It has to do with George Plimpton.
After Sept. 11th PBS did that New Yorkers Reaction show. Beautifully done of course, and full of comments on what it takes to be a NYer, and how everyone felt. I remember George Plimpton came on the screen and started talking about how he thought the quintessential sign of a New Yorker was jaywalking.
I always tell that small bit to visitors, or if there is nothing to say when I am with someone, walking down the street.
George Plimpton also attended Robin's 7th birthday party. Of all of the guests that I should have been impressed with - I was most impressed with George. He was chauffeur for his twin grandchildren, and he mingled and chatted like a champ.