This season's Sorority Life is highly painful to watch. For some reason (probably attributed to the 'human' in me) I want all of the girls to be hot little rich chicks. Instead what I got were 8 incredibly ugly prepubescent middle class girls, who left a bad taste in my mouth before I went to bed.
Luckily, MTV has made up for the sorority mishap via the 'Newlyweds'. I want to hang out with the editors, and be the ultra nerd that recaps every detail of show. Basically, watching Jessica and Nick makes me laugh like seeing the billboard for a UPN show called "The Mullets" makes me cry.

Sadly however, my side of the office just got into a yelling match about how no one thinks Jess and Nick are going to last. We are placing bets. I fear that I am the only one that is wishing for them to last. I wanna believe.