Things that I still have to do in NYC:
1. Sing at a night club. Progress: I have the song picked out, I have the piano player - I start voice lessons next week.
2. Visit Coney Island.
3. Visit the Cloisters.
4. Look at the John Lennon strawberry fields stone.
5. Go to the Opera.
6. See the NY Philharmonic.
7. Run the NYC marathon. haha. just kidding. but I would like to run the big Central Park loop.
8. It would be cool to camp out at the Museum of Natural History like Margo Tannenbaum. That would be cool.
9. Bike from the tip top of Manhattan, to the end of Manhattan.
10. Spend a morning at Fulton Fish Market
11. Visit the Stock Exchange.
12. See Rocky Horror Picture Show at the village theatre.
13. Run the east side river walkway
14. Visit Roosevelt Island.
15. Take a tour of the U.N.