I know, I know, dream posts are all the same crazy shit, but whatever - I will like looking back and reading about this dream because it was awesome to me. so eat rotten sour food and cough.

I had this incredible dream last night that I discovered a town in Alaska that I had never seen before. The town was perfect in every sense. There were just the right amount of hills, it was on the water, and there were fresh streams with clear water for drinking. There was just the right amount of forest. There was also a little island for recreation right off the the coast. Across the water - which was about oh, 20 minutes on boat there were mountains - to large to climb, yet beautiful to look and explore. Actually, for those of you back home - it looked a lot like Homer, except it was filled with this perfect sense of satisfaction. Everyone in the town was satisfied and had rosey cheeks. I cannot remember who I was with - but we were driving along a road, and basically stumbled upon the place - from a hill, we looked down on this fertile valley and so we started exploring with excitement. I remember looking down one street and being overly thrilled that there was a dairy queen in the town. I think I was happy about this because one of the major complaints I have about NYC is that there is no Dairy Queen, so wherever I go on vacation, I always make apoint of stopping by - however the last three trips I have taken have not had Dairy Queens, so that was some kind of sub conscious thing. Well duh, I was dreaming.
So anyway - luckily it was the last dream I had before I woke up. The other dreams before that were really stressful - the kind where you are paranoid, and no one is listening to you -and you are trying desperately to stick up for, and prove yourself.
I can't stop thinking about the town. It was presented in the style of the movie A.I. - saturated color, with clone-like happy people.