Tonight my little brother is swimming in the PAC 10 swim meet, miles away, in Arizona. How he does in this meet, will determine his seat at the NCAA championships. So - to my bro in the west, I wish you the best.

Last night I saw the movies City of God and Bowling for Columbine. Strange combo, but given some thought, both movies actually complement each other, content-wise. Also - I would welcome the opportunity to be Michael Moore's stylist... (at least for a shoot or two.) Any ideas on how I should dress Moore? Okay down to business.

How these movies are alike:
1. Massive amounts of guns.
2. Children got shot.
3. The main character in both films were in the end, journalists/reporters
4. both titles are three words.

How these movies are different:
1. One is Portuguese, the other English
2. Non Fiction story / documentary
3. Cinematography.

I just found this cool song called Long Life Love by stereolab.