All Roads Lead to Baghdad.
Since the laws of war state something like monuments, schools, and hospitals not being allowed to be blown to shreds... we might as well learn what will be standing, after everything else has been decimated. Here is a small "crash course", about a couple monuments in Baghdad.

1. That white circle in the center of this map is the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. On ground, it is located right across the street from the Rashid Hotel - CNN headquarters! The monument was commissioned by Hussein in the 1970's. During the 70's and 80's, Saddam used oil revenue to widen avenues, name ceremonial boulevards (one named 14th of July street!), and erect monuments at well trafficked intersections. Anyway, the monument's attractions include: an underground museum, a large spiral, a soldier's shield frozen in midair, and it appears on Iraqi currency - the 1/2 dinar bill.

2. The other structure that has been getting a lot of press coverage lately is the Khulafa Central Mosque. It was actually built in 1963, by architect Mahamad Makiya. Khulafa was one of the 4 caliphs who were close friends with Mohammad. A caliph is a successor to the messenger of God. So it makes sense to have a mosque named after someone as important as that Khulafa dude.
okay. thats all i have time for today.