To my surprise, when I watch two movies in one day, I find that both movies end up being compatible with each other. Strange that it works out that way, because at first glance, the movies always seem so opposite. Anyway.
The Pianist and The Others.
1. Both titles start with the article - 'The'
2. Both set in Europe, during WWII
3. Both have a piano that cannot be played.
4. Both contain highly anxious/scary scenes.
5. Both have mothers that go mad, and this action affects their children.
6. Both have characters that do not want to be dead.
7. Both main characters won an Oscar this year, and have noses of interest.
8. Both families hate the Germans.
1. main characters sex differ.
2. One is set in a house. One shows multiple dwellings.
3. One's a drama. One's a thriller.
4. One main character is Jewish. One main character is Catholic
5. One main character is alive. One main character is ____.
6. Adrien Brody like totally made out with Halle Berry on stage. Nicole has yet to do that.
7. One movie is in Poland. One movie is in England.
8. One director is banned from USA. You know, it's hard for me to believe that Roman Polansky has never been back to The States. The dude's gotta have some secret border crossing plane/yacht connections. I could just imagine the Hollywood buzz up in Hills: "hey - did you hear R.P. was at the Hilton sister's party last night? Yeah, like I totally heard Jesus was there too. Word is that Jack got things rolling, after which Jesus carried Roman across the Pacific..." which leads me to another thing: Jack Nicholson. He like totally owns Hollywood. Dude. The guy can do no wrong. What a fucking wicked punk to just sit there with those shades, and that grin... THE WHOLE NIGHT. You would think, "oh, they are showing the winners from the past 75 years - I am sure Jack will have to take his shades off." NOPE. that’s why Jack can officially rule the country. So, with that said, I would like to officially start the campaign for: "Jack in 2004".