My current idea is to produce a music video in response to Justin Timberlake's (known to some as JT) "Cry me a River" video. Justin's video is so refined and on point in the way his song/storyline is conveyed, that I feel like it deserves a response video - showing the flipside of that song. This would show the average human experiencing the song, dancing along, lipsyncing, the whole deal. Sort of like a spin from that scene in Magnolia, where the main characters start singing that Aimee Mann song together. This video would involve three main characters.
1. a person getting ready and commuting to work.
2. an 8 year old kid
3. havent decided number three yet.

This is my first post, I am testing this out - seeing how I like the whole thing, and how it likes me. I will get better at this over time.