I want to dedicate this post to a web log that has been getting a lot of press lately. That of, Salam Pax, author of the only blog written by an Iraqi citizen. "Salam's blog, which has somehow avoided being shut down by the Iraqi regime, is devoted to letting the world know how awful it is to be governed by "freaks" like Saddam Hussein (and how the only thing that's worse is having his home town pummeled by American bombs.)* I am quoting from an article that I tried to get for all 2 of you to read, but the article was obviously not included on the NYer website. Damn. Anyway, some highlights from his blog include: calling himself a "heretic fag" (on top of everything he is gay), "finding a cockroach inside a bottle of Iraqi beer," and hooking up a forbidden satellite dish in hopes of receiving the BBC -(his family is wealthy). Here are some other articles about Salam:
1. is he real?
2. another article about Salam
3. warblogging.
4. "If Vietnam was the first televised war, this second Gulf War is the first one to be blogged." (?!?) waka waka.
5. Salam has a friend in NYC, UWS - Diane.

*The New Yorker, "A Baghdad Blogger" March 31, 2001 p. 33