This morning on my roof, the sun was burning off the water puddles, left over from the snow . For about 20 minutes I sat in the middle of swirling steam, watching the sun rise over the East Side. I never thought it would be so cool to just sit and stare at evaporating water. So, it's my duty to suggest that you check this out the next time there is rain, followed by sun.

Evaporating water aside, the best part of today is the fact that MTV set up a show where Method Man and Redman spend the weekend at a proper southern home in New Orleans. Highlight: 2:51am - Meth and Red are still awake in the Medcoff family attic, drinking beer - Method says to the camera: "24 beers in a pack, 24 hours in a day... coincidence?"

Friday night. Lower East Side. Underground bar on Bowery. I was witness to a raunchy burlesque show of sorts. 2 girls, 3 guys, on a small stage, covered in glitter - throwing glitter on themselves, and the audience. Aside from the fact that by the end, everyone performing was in their birthday suits.... here are some details I noticed:
1. a go go dancer with a missing ear.
2. men's bathroom had windows facing the bar, so patrons can freely watch...
3. that very bathroom was basically a room with a large trough.
4. the floor had hidden trap doors - to hide alcohol during the prohibition.
5. a bar, bartender, and a lot of drunk people.