The other day, I went to the statue of liberty, with my 7 year-old friend, Robin. The kid is rad. Her best qualities are singing on the subway, wanting to hang out with people three times her age, and having an obsession with animals. My "trust me, Robin is cool" story goes a little like this: one time, she put on my walkman, and was listening to the new Tori Amos album. After a few songs, I ask her opinion. She says: "this music is beautiful. It reminds me of the music from this summer - Dave Matthews." I start laughing, thinking how Tori Amos would rather die than be compared to Dave Matthews... but she was right. Both albums ARE beautiful. It was moments like those, were I couldn't resist giving her a big hug, and telling her she was awesome. Sometimes when I say things like that I see Martin Bashir's face cross examining me, Michael Jackson style; and I start to feel guilty. A word about Michael Jackson - aside from being an amazing performer (back in the day), that dude has totally ruined it for the people that actually like hanging out with kids. So, me dangling Robin off the port bow of the statue of liberty ferry, should in no way connect Michael and I. Anyway, Robin and I set out to go to The Indian Museum. The museum blew buffalo biscuits, so we decided that it would be cool if we could look at the New York skyline, from Lady Liberty's crown. To our dismay, once on the ferry, we discovered that access to the crown has been closed since September eleventh. Silence. Confused looks. Robin says "That's really lame. I read about book about her crown. Can we still get ice cream when we get back??."
Comments from my coworkers about the crown being closed:
1. "Makes sense, you don’t want to turn on the T.V. and see the Statue's arm blown off. Makes for bad P.R." - Max Xavier.
2. "That’s ridiculous. Anyone can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge with explosives. They didn’t close down the Empire State building - which attracts more tourists, and is in the middle of Manhattan." -William Rickman
3. "It's kind of boring anyway." -Bri Montana
4. "Has it been closed? What do I think? I don’t know. I've never been there, so..." - Izzy.
5. "That’s fuckin retarded. Why not open that shit up? No seriously I don’t understand why it's closed. People want to see everything they can while they here. open that shit up. let people go in there and see everything New York has to offer.: -Camille C.
Exactly what Robin and I thought, so we stayed on the boat, and went back to the city, got ice cream, and bought some more fish for her fish tank.
The end.