Yesterday was Robin's first day of school. She attends the most progressive private school in the city.
They do yoga during math.
No kidding.
So this year she is in the 3rd grade. This year is supposed to be the year that she starts getting homework assignments. The school has been preparing everyone in her family for this since she enrolled. 3rd grade is the year to start hitting books.
So yesterday I unpacked Robin's back with high expectations. I pulled out her homework folder and it contained a blank piece of paper.
"What is your homework?"
"I have to get my dad sign that piece of paper."
"What? Seriously. That is your homework??"
"Yes. They said I could draw whatever I wanted on the paper - but my assignment is to get my dad to sign the paper."
"Oh my. Doug? You are never going to believe this one..."
So Doug gives a shrug and signs the paper, and Robin started doodling. After about 5 minutes she got bored and we went to the pet store.