OKay. I am being serious. I seriously just saved a serious amount of money on my car insurance by using Geico. Seriously. Maybe they will give me another discount for mentioning them on my two-bit blog? You will never guess what I am paying, and you will never guess the sweet ride I am driving; so I will just tell you.
1. I am paying 280 every six months, and
2. I will be driving this:

Say hello to the car that Mona & Miles let me drive during my senior year of college. The 2002 BMW TII. We called it "The Beemer".
This car was the car that taught Eric Botell how to drive stick shift in a parking lot. The car that had a crank sunroof and baby-yellow paint job. The car that we would drive around Connecticut during October, because it just seemed appropriate. I had a crush on the car, but alas it was not mine - and we had to part. From that point forward, I was forever thinking about possibly buying a car just like it, upon leaving NYC.
So I emailed Big Miles and was asking him about this other BMW that I was interested in. He emails me back and says: "P.S. I want to sell my car. Do you want it??"
I write back and say he has a deal.
So those 2 things on top of a nice apartment-fixing morning really made Tuesday Terrific.