I love New York.
Just want you to know
I love-it soooo much.

I love all that it stands for
I love all that it dirties
I love the sidewalks
I love the transportation
I love the bagel carts
I love the planned parks.
I love the 'I love New York' t-shirts & buy them in bulk.

I. Love. New York.

And this is why I can't help thinking about what happened during this month, 3 years ago. It was a month that harbored the day where New York was silent, the air cold & sky clear.

So in reverence to the memorial on my street honoring a girl my age in tower 2, in reverence to the firehouse in my neighborhood riddled with plaques, in reverence to dust, paper, steel and blood, I would like to focus not on all those "I's" up there in the first 2 paragraphs, but on the times & feelings of that day that we can never forget.