This past weekend I made my first video. (clip on left.)
I set out with the intention of creating my own version of the mediocre Garden State; so I taped some footage of us driving on the Garden State Parkway, while listening to depressing music. Aside from my giggling in the background - I would say I have a video clip that rivals the Garden State trailer & a Volkswagen commercial. I can't show the video on my blog. (unhappy face) But I can show the video at my desk - so I made Adam watch my video, and he said that it was better than the movie Elephant.

What does that mean? Well. I loved the movie Elephant. I thought it was incredible. Adam however, along with a SLEW of other people HATED the movie. So I took his comment as a compliment. He however, meant it as a put-down.

Thanks Adam. Anyway. I made my first video, and I had fun making it.