A car like my car, only its not the same color.
I have been thinking about getting personalized plates. I thought it might be tongue-in-cheek to get: MY 1 BMR (my first beemer) but then tongue-in-cheek is so over, so I have decided maybe on just ANISE or ANYC. but ANYC has only been around for like 9 months. I was thinking things like ILIV4SPD or SELLKIDS would be amusing. Lee suggested I get $1BMR. Feel free to drop a suggestion.

Again people. I am going to the DMV on Monday. I need more input on the license plate ideas.
state rules:
1. it can be 2 to 8 characters.
2. you can use letters, A through Z, numbers, 0 through 9, spaces
3. you can also use @, and NY offers the state of NY image.