Its just one of those days where I click around craigslist looking for something.

With another head being spared via a 'google search' in Afghanistan, google can now officially say that they save lives. If you didn't see the article - just google something like "journalist life spared via google search" something like that. I am sure you are bound to find something. I am already in a different screen & too lazy to look it up for you. Plus, you probably already read that last week.

Maybe even last year.

My cousin David is being shipped to Afghanistan next month. It ain't no Iraq, but it ain't no Georgia either.

I was finishing up the planning for my camping trip this weekend, and I thought "why all this planning for one night of sleeping outside?"
Stuart IS right - I DO plan my life like an ant.
He say's its exhilarating to be around.
I don't really believe him.

This morning as I was taking a shower all I could think about was the fact that there is no Lord of The Rings to look forward too. For the last three years, there was this additional excitement and "countdown feeling" in the air. Sure, the autumn breezes were nice, but they were REALLY nice knowing that in November I would be going to a warm toasty movie theatre to watch a warm toasty epic.

I have a screening pass on my desk to "i ♥ huckabees". It's not half as thrilling as the prospect of a new LOTR.

Seems fitting that it would rain on the day of the sophmore Interpol release.

Anyway my screening pass is just staring at me. Waiting for me to make plans around it. I am trying my best not to plan. I really don't want to be an ant. I could do with being an aunt maybe in 5 years, but an ant the insect does not interest me. People step on them and don't think twice.