This lunch break, I went to a Bergie event. I entered a lottery, and am now wearing the latest YSL perfume.
If you see me today, please request to smell my wrist. You won't be disappointed.
After my free cocktail, I was walking around thinking "there's nothing like a stiff drink in the middle of a day". I am not a big fan of alcohol, but I can appreciate.
On my walk around the middle of town, I passed a psychic and considered dropping ten on her velvet curtains. Mona once told me to never spend money on psychics, so I don't. I follow most of her advice because it just seems like she is really speaking from experience, and because she is so diligent about dishing it. However. I walked against Mona's better judgment, and buzzed the psychic on level 2. Blame it on the recent Diana article in VF this month. What I got was a woman who told me to return in ten. I decided like most things in the past two months, that it wasn't meant to be, and kept my ten.
If I had listened with her and had let someone lightly brush my palm - I would have missed seeing Anna Wintour. Looking a little insecure as she breezed by, she is one of those famous people that cause me to automatically punch the sky and say "yyyyyesss!"
So after saying "yes" I continued walking back to my desk, one-drink-in, carting around my ten dollar untold future.