Among my group of friends, the first New York Baby has arrived.
A big congratulations and warm welcome to the youngest New Yorker I know - Jax Keenan. He was born today at 7am in Manhattan.

The fresh New Yorker's proud parents are Jessica and Jason. They also happen to be one of my favorite couples, and hail from Texas. They have been living in Long Island City Queens, for about 2 years now. Jessica and I went to grade school together in Alaska, and my fondest memory of her would be us staging a "walk-out" in 8th grade in protest to Desert Storm.

I have been very excited about the addition of a New York baby and hopefully J&J will let me take lil' J on strolls in the city in his "I love New York" onesie. I also plan on spoiling my first little New Yorker as much as my rent-deprived wallet allows.
Get used to pics and updates.