Did you know that old NYC subway cars are dumped in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of both New Jersey and South Carolina in order to make artificial reefs to preserve marine life??

How cool is that? If you think it is super-cool, you can actually go on a scuba diving trip that will teach you about the whole process. Score 2 more for the Jerse.

Don't you think that Ben Affleck is starting to resemble James Gandolfini??

I tried watching "The Wire" last night. I want to get into another HBO show, because I love the BO so much. I think I am going to have to start at the beginning tho. How about Entourage. What a show. I like it as much as I like watching those VH1 shows about how much Brit spends to get her hair done or how Paris & Nicky & Ritchie go shopping and how they all shuffle through their bags for the nearest credit card at the register - paying not mind to whose is charged.