Yesterday I had such a nice little Manhattan experience of chance. I was painting an office on Madison.
Hold on, let me back up.
I lost my cell phone. A few hours later, I called my voicemail, and picked up a message from a girl named Alissia who had found my cell phone in a taxi cab. She wanted me to call her as soon as I got the message. So I called Alissia, and we chatted about losing cell phones.
She told me that she is a personal assistant, and last week her boss lost her cell phone. Once her bosses cell phone was found, Alissia lost her own cell phone. On her way to pick up her lost cell phone, she looked down on the cab floor, and found my cell phone.
Strange things happen sometimes.
I told her good things happen in 3's, and she told me to that she was a bartender at Michael Jordan's in Grand Central. I could pick my phone up there.
So I was in the middle of painting, and decided to take a little Madison Avenue stroll and walked down to Grand Central to get my phone. I figured I should get Alissia something special, so I stopped in one of my favorite shops - the MTA Subway shop, and bought the nice girl a deck of I Love NY cards.
Once I got to her bar, I figured as much that she would offer me a drink. She did. I only wanted water. I drank about 3 glasses. Turns out that Alissia is beautiful. We talked about Minnesota (where she is from) and about boys and taxi cabs and losing cell phones. I felt like in some way I was meeting some kind of kindred spirit.
I did have to get back to painting, so I finished my water with lemon, and said good bye to my new friend - letting her know that I would try to stop by every Sunday evening for the weekend nightcap.
So if you are ever at Michael Jordan's bar in GCT - ask for Alissia, and tell her Anise sent you. She makes a refreshing glass of water.