I left work happy to have an umbrella because it properly hid an unexpected fit of tears. Seeing a very dim night ahead of me, I bit my lip, and stuck to my plans of attending an exclusive Vanity Fair/Audemars Piguet party. I don't know how I got the invite - but I did, and it ended up being one of those nights where you look around and say, "This is why I love New York."

And here is my poem:

I asked my home-girl to a party
She accepted.
We dressed like virgins at an art show
We had it going.
We drank Moët
We ate paté
Sugar daddies roamed the floor
marveled laughed giggled gaffed
Franklin showed us the door.
-anise 2004

In closing, I left the party proud & refreshed. I stopped by a pharmacy and bought glow in the dark stars for my bedroom. I thought about sticking them on the ceiling in a heart shape. I got home when I felt like getting home. I jumped around.

And here is my snap: