Yin and Yang of the 2003 NYC Smoking Prohibition Act:
Smokers are taking to the sidewalks - and leaving a trail of fiberglass/cotton/paper behind them...

1. No smoky clothes! now you can wear that hot clubbing outfit night after night! In addition, none of your co-workers will even suspect you were out until a mere 2 hours before arriving at the office, smelling fresh... (sort of)
2. No more misleading smoky red/watering eyes. (example: gosh, he must really like me - I can't believe I am making him cry... or, was my joke that bad??)
3. No more feeling guilty for the person who has to find a place to blow their smoke, put out their ashes, and how they should hold the dang thing. I don’t know why, but I always felt guilty about that.
4. No more accidental cigarette burns.
5. Smoking love connections:
"Say, how did you guys meet??"
"Well, we met over a cigarette... back in 2003."
6. Putting smokers on the sidewalk is going to be amazing socially. I am looking forward to a new dimension of the "Friday night drunk walk home". I already meet a ton of people via drunk walking, but this is putting 200 extra drunk, single, horny kids in the same path. The odds couldn’t be more in our favor. Perhaps this is the mayor's way of getting us to reproduce?? "Forget about the war! Make illegitimate babies! I am tired of hearing the singles whine. lets get it on!" okay. wishful thinking...
7. No more coughing/wheezing two days after that big night out!!
8. Better lighting resides outside the bar, letting you actually see just what you are hooking up with.

1. Cigarette butts on the sidewalks. This can only lead to horrible things.
2. Believe or not, there is that rare night when each of us enjoy a little peace and quiet. with more of the bar population outside, than ever before... it might get rowdy and loud.
3. It will eventually get annoying weaving in and out of all of the people who are taking over the sidewalk. So far, no one has been paying attention to the fact that they are taking over the space. bar owners are going to have to start roping off a smoking section.
4. Angry smokers don’t really appeal to me. Reminds me of the caddy girls that hate me at my job.
5. Come to think of it; Cold, Angry, Drunk smokers aren't really on my checklist of things I want to be bumping into on the sidewalk, nor listening to as I try to sleep.

Other than that - I am totally thrilled about the new smoking ban. In most ways, I feel that it's bringing people around the city, together.