My idea for a comedic act would be to simply get up on stage and read a letter. The letter would be fiction, and have to last long enough (10/15 minutes) for the general industry length of an act. I would give no intro, and no closing as to what the letter was about and would just start reading. I would simply be known as the girl who reads letters. I am still considering if I would include emails. Some possible topics:
1. A letter from and Alaskan citizen to her local congressmen about the number of moose killed by vehicles over the past winter. highlight would include possible suggestions on what to do with the moosemeat/carcasses.
2. A letter to an uncle in prison. the letter would recap the past year's family events, but after each event, the neice or nephew would add something really fucked up and horrible - so the uncle wouldn't feel so bad at having missed out on the experience.
3. Anything written by someone who is high, always gets some kind of laughy response. would only be done once - because that is kind of an obvious topic. same goes for a letter written drunk.
4. Letters to school boards are always amusing - mine would concern the gym teacher's dress code.