Monday I had surgery on my mouth. boo. bawh. I don’t like knives, needles or staying awake while other parts are put to sleep. I don’t like stitches, or the way that nurse was wiping the blood off of my face after the slicing.
Things people have told me to make me feel better about my lip being the size of my thumb:
1. "at least its not purple"
2. "its more like the size of a pinky"
3. "you can just tell people that you got collagen implants"
4. "wow - they really sliced your mouth up, didn’t they? that cut is huge."
5. "well, when you talk I just pretend that you have a cancer sore or something"
6. "oh. my. The incision is on your soft tissue. that must hurt."
thanks. it does hurt. here's a little something about PAIN: Today I read that here in NYC, one can attend work outs run by a dominatrix. just what I have been waiting for. You mean, once I get the courage to join a gym, I can in turn get beat up? I am so psyched. register today!

While I was holed up in my apartment, mopping up blood, and drewelling all over myself; I managed to watch 6 movies.
here is the list in viewing order.
1. the secretary
2. sweet home Alabama
3. bloody Sunday
4. 13 conversations about one thing
5. fiddler on the roof
6. spellbound
in preference order:
1. the secretary
2. bloody Sunday
3. sweet home Alabama
4. spellbound
5. fiddler on the roof
6. 13 conversations about one thing
in alphabetical order:
1. 13 conversations
2. bloody Sunday
3. fiddler on the roof
4. the secretary
5. spellbound
6. sweet home Alabama
in chronological order:
1. nah, just kiddin.