Yesterday on the subway, I went to go sit down, and like people before me and consequently after noticed, that there was a little mess, and in turn, did not sit down. At each subway stop following, some other subway rider would make the same discovery, and walk away. As I stood there watching this, I wondered about the future of the mess: how long it would stay there, and how it would eventually be cleaned up. I finally concluded in my mind that by the days finish, the mess would have been soaked up by children who sat without looking, and then probably by a few people during rush hour - sitting down in a hurry. All of this speculation was put to an end at 51st street. a older woman (I later gave her the name of babushka) got on the subway, noticed the mess, reached into her black plastic bag, and pulled out a thumb, no just kidding. Okay - so she reached into her bag, and cleaned up the mess with a tissue that she was carrying with her. She then folded the tissue, put it into a brown paper bag, and folded that up into a small square the size of a wallet. She then got up with this disgusted look on her face and sat somewhere else.