I have nothing to say. however 80% of the time, after writing that - most people find something to say. I feel totally content and at peace - with who knows what - my block maybe? I don't really know, and am not really dying to find out. It might be Central Park - its so fresh/new right now - despite the weather.
News: I am relieved that the Saddam statue was taken down in Iraq. What an eyesore. I had been reading too many atrocious Saddam/Uday/Qusay stories during the past few weeks - so I am feeling happy for those who were formerly repressed by the Regime. However, all the street commotion yesterday was a little scary in the "okay you are happy now, but what about in two weeks from now, when you are still cleaning up the blood/bodies/bombing mess the Americans made" sense. I was watching the events yesterday on TV with semi dread. But for some reason, it's all becoming the same. I guess I have successfully immunized myself. I am no longer filled with guilt when I spend two hours painting my nails, spend all day watching movies, and read People Magazine.