Alaska, April 15 -- Herman, poet laureate of the mixed breeds, died at 12:15pm at the age of 16. He survived by his loving owners (my very own g-ma and papa) Josephine and Gary. Herman enjoyed being outside, eating dog biscuits, and relaxing on the couch. He died of old age, and was put to rest at the Veterinary clinic owned and operated by Steven Mersch of Soldotna, Alaska. As my g-ma would say; "oh, bless his heart."
Here is a story that G-MA wrote up about Herman and the legacy he leaves behind:

woke up one night hearing herman's nails as he paced on the kitchen floor. usually he stayed on his bed in the front room unless we got up. he was pacing back & forth. herman never went into the bedrooms or any room except the kitchen, dining room or front room. when he came into the bed room he came to gary's side and nudged his face, then went back and forth to the door wanting to be followed. i heard grpa say "what the hell?, herman, what are you doing?" i sat up and said that i heard him pacing in the kitchen awhile ago, maybe he wanted out (he had never wanted out at night before or since.) grpa got up and put him out. i got up too, in case he was sick. we sat at the dining room table together. while we were sitting there we heard a pinging noise. found it was a smoke detector low battery alarm going off. grpa took it down and took the batteries out. herman barked to come in. when the door was opened he rushed right to the area where the detector had been and raised his head trying to hear the sound he had heard before. right then, we knew!
the minute we figured it out we hugged, praised and loved him. we were so excited at what he had done, that we stayed up at least an hour, keeping him company.
that happened twice.

everyone that ever met herman, loved him.

he could also balance a dog cookie on his nose until you told him it was all right then he would fling it in the air, catch and eat it.

as a young dog he could say "bone" & "out", just as plain as could be.

Hi Herman - I feel sad to know that you will not be keeping my grandparents company. I hope you protect them in spirit. You were a good dog. - Anise.