Yesterday, NYC had a surprise snowfall of about 4 inches. Most people were miserable and complaining. I watched four movies: Unfaithful, The Anniversary Party, All or Nothing, and Black Hawk Down. Pretty eventful day! As tradition warrants: I will attempt to compare/contrast my two favorites of the day: Black Hawk Down & The Anniversary Party. (All or Nothing totally sucked, and Unfaithful was good for the make out scenes... not much else.)
1. Fighting was involved with both films.
2. I have seen one person from each film in the flesh.
3. British directors.
4. Near Death experiences.
5. this is getting really difficult. the movies were nothing alike.

1. war / party
2. one had no women / one had women
3. Mogadishu / Los Angeles
4. massive amounts of death / no death
5. no one was doing drugs / everyone did E.