Yesterday at work we were all getting this big package together for these two girls. They are 5 and 11. So we were thinking about what they might like and I said:

"I have no idea what an 11 year old wants."

Then I started thinking for a minute and smirked:

"The 11 year old Anise would be horrified at my last comment."

I never thought I would forget what it was like to be a certain age. I mean, the times have changed since I was 11, but not basic principles and stuff like that. An 11 year old girl, is an 11 year old girl, is an 11 year old girl.
Or maybe that assumption is completely naive, and that is how we age ourselves. Thinking that time and progress stops, and 11 year old girls will always like bead sets, and bracelets. Who knows. I guess that is all part of human progress.