Today I went to my first movie premiere. Forget that it was with Robin, or that it was Peter Pan. I am still cooler than you are. As far as movie stars are concerned it was mostly a family affair. Tony Soprano, I mean James Gandolfino was there with his family. Eddie Murphy was there with his family. Kelly Ripa was there with her farm. And Michael Musto was there with his Musto.
So the movie was cool to see for free, and before anyone else. The theatre smelled like nutmeg. There are no previews at a premiere, and there are people that stand up and talk to you before and after the event. The movie itself was a little dark. All the children ages 3-6 got scared at Captain Hook. I got a little scared when they showed the captains arm without the hook attachment. It looked like a ham bone. The little kid actress that played Wendy was cute. I took a good 30 minute nap. But that's what I tend to do when movies are basically predictable, and I am wearing a cozy cashmere sweater.
The after party was held at The Pierre. Tony Soprano was chilling on the floor playing with his kids who were playing with balloons. Kelly Ripa didn't go. Eddie Murphy had way cooler things to do. And Michael Musto got cotton candy, and then left the party. Robin and I decorated cookies, ate really yummy ice cream, got cotton candy, and drank about 3 bottles of coke.
Before we left Robin had to leave her mark on the place by disobeying my orders of "please do not play volleyball with the big pink balloon - people are still eating" by punching the balloon up so high that it popped on the chandelier, leaving all of the rubber balloon dangling from the crystals. After that happened, I thought it would be a good idea to leave.
The End.