My next door neighbor and I listen to the same station. He is about oh, 70 years old, and lives a quiet life, alone. He rides his bike everywhere. He always says hello in the hallways. We listen at the same time to the same station. I always enjoy leaving my apartment and being able to hear the station continue down the stairs (he plays it rather loud).
So it got me thinking about the radio, and how much it kicks ass over the all-consuming TV. I think the coolness of the radio would be the fact that two people can be doing separate things - in separate lives, yet move to the same soundtrack (if they are tuned in to the same station.) For some reason, as I was sitting there last night, the notion of this seemed so simple and beautiful.

Oh, and I don’t want to make my neighbor out to be a complete loner. Last week I saw a round, sturdy, lady at his front door. She was wearing brown fur and red lipstick. I told myself that she was an old love of his. This made me smile and think, "Lucky bastard. I guess everyone needs an old love."