Last night I watched Elephant, by Gus Van Sant. After the finish of the movie about five people ran out of the theatre, and the other 15 of us just sat there in silence. I couldn't consider going out on the street. I had to sit and stare. get mad. get sad. I wanted someone to say something - but at the same time, didn't want anyone to ruin that golden silent moment.
This movie is a must see for all of you who were at one time in high school. Please see this in the theatres before it leaves. Gus deserves the ticket sale. This was the most moving picture I have watched all year.
That is why I went - in hopes of finally seeing a movie that would leave me breathless.
It worked.
If you are totally clueless as to when/where Elephant is playing - I will personally look up the information for you, and send you directions to the theatre closest to you. Just email me your zip code, or something like that.

Go just knowing you should see it. I don't suggest looking up spoilers.