Sometimes I feel like I have an Angel. I mean, the Angel (no offense Mr. Angel) is passed out half the time, but for the most part - I feel protected.
So, this morning on the subway platform, I was standing in an unusual spot. I typically stand between two specific stairways by this column that I typically lean up against. This morning, I was situated at the wrong column because I was fumbling with my CD player - (in attempts to listen to Judy.) So as I am fumbling, and the train pulls up. I stand to the side to let the people off.
I look up, and what to my wondering eyes do appear?
An old friend from Alaska who moved here this year.
I grabbed her arm, and we just stood there chatting like old friends. It was a blessing to see her, because I have been feeling so broken-in-half and empty. It was a joy to see a fresh face, and just chat about something else for two minutes.
When things like this happen, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. A little hard for me to believe at this time in my life – but affirming none the less.