There is a slide show going on this December called God Bless Americana: The Holiday Retro Slideshow. The show is basically a collection of old photographs of families celebrating the holidays. It caught my eye because one of the images (pictured below) is named “Ed Wood Christmas”.

Ed Wood is currently the “thing” that is following me around. You know when you read about something – and then the next day out of the blue, that something appears in an article, and then the next next day you see a poster for that something? That is called the "following-thing conspiracy". Of course the "following-thing conspiracy" excludes obvious media presence (like commercials, times square etc.). The “ following-thing” has to be something random, and unknown - something new to your brain. My Dad was the first one to bring the conspiracy to my attention - so whenever the “following-thing conspiracy” happens to me, I think of my Dad.* So anyway, Ed Wood is following me around. They say he was the worst director in the history of filmmaking. I plan on watching his films over Christmas break.

In the meantime, check out Charles Phoenix's slide show. It is playing in both LA and NYC.

"Ed Wood Does Christmas," from Charles Phoenix's multimedia presentation, "God Bless Americana: The Retro Holiday Slide Show."

*Since this month is My Family Kicks Your Families Ass Month – I had to drop the Dad comment.

Put some chocolate on that. Indulge me.