You know things are bad when you are scared to check your bank account.

Christmas is like a credit card. Really.

I wish everyone would not buy anything this year. Its fun to walk around the bazaars and look at all the fun ideas of gifts to give people. But then its like all non-sense. This "spending-of-money" business.

I mean, if its the thought that counts, why can't I just give out notes:
"Babe, I totally wanted to get you the Office special edition DVDs, and you that hott new Canon digi-cam. My thoughts are yours forever, XOXO Anise."
"Mom, I saw this great sewing machine that would be perfect for you. I thought about getting it and thought about it. And wow. I really thought it would be perfect. You should check it out. Thinking of you in a genuine way, Anise"
"Brother, I know you are going to Europe this summer. I am going to miss you & want to go too. So I bought myself a ticket to Paris. Lets meet up! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Call me once you get this. Love, Anise"
"Grandma, Thanks for the scarves. I saw some beautiful cashmeres the other day and thought of you. And thats always fun! Love you more than Chanel, Anise."

You get the point.

Save your money. Save it for a house. All money is in real estate anyway.

I went to Tom's open-house/Christmas party last night in South Orange to witness first hand AGAIN that all the money that is to be made is in Real Estate.

Just as much as I wish that people in my office area would have gotten up and walked out in protest of moving to Jersey; just as much as I wish people wouldn't return from vacations; I wish people would not spend money at Christmas-time.