Last winter I set out to conquer American cinema. I did a fine job of doing so. This winter I have set out to conquer French cinema. I thought I would start easy, with a little Truffaut. I am halfway through his collection of work. My fave so far is Jules et Jim. The pic on the right is my fave scene. But who knows at this point - I feel like Stolen Kisses might take up number one seat - but I am not finished with the movie yet.
For the most part I have been in the mood to watch movies with sub-titles. I have to say that after 7 movies in French, I am starting to understand some words, and dream in French. So I decided I might as well get some kind of French CDs to listen to on my way to and fro.
So anyway - First Truffaut, then Godard, then Renoir. Maybe that will get me through the winter.