I enjoyed standing outside and urging my friend to break glass with me. After saying that I felt like breaking glass, I threw down my glass snifter, and he threw down his brown beer bottle. it felt great. it got a lot of anger out and onto the pavement.

you should try breaking bottles when you are mad. or sad. or confused. or going through puberty. or having a baby. or getting a divorce. or moving away. or reading a boring blog.

breaking glass seems to be the answer to temporarily feeling better about a situation that might be proving otherwise.

I say temporary because duh, the situation will still exist after you are done breaking glass - but at least you can say

"hey. I care so much that I broke glass over it."

That is soooo Royal Tenebaum. I mean that right there is taking it out and chopping it up.

speaking of which.

I bought Rushmore for 39.95. 43.05 with tax.


I guess I was suckered. I had to buy the movie tho, because I needed the movie. I bought Royal Tenebaums 4 days ago for 29.95. I have watched it 3 times since. 1 time with commentary.

As per the cost of Rushmore. May I ask why Rushmore is ten dollars more than Royal T's at both Towers & Virgins??

And whats the big deal about Criterion Collections? Both movies are billed as being Criterion Collections and so the cost is like 10 dollars higher than other commoner DVD's.

The dreaded kid at Tower says that its "all special n'shit". So I guess I am now the owner of 2 special n'shit movies. For 43.05 I feel like I should be having a Rushmore party or something. Those special features had better literally knock my socks off.

Or move me to break more glass. One of the 2.