last night I called my friend to tell him about the party I had just left. I listed the names of people in attendance - hillary, chelsea, ian, alec, paul, and al.
My friend in response said, "jesus."

this week is my social week. my 9-5 life (read 7-4) has all of a sudden been hung by a electrical cord noose over a musty leaking sewage plant. my 5pm - 12pm life has all of a sudden taken a turn for the mysteriously SOCIAL. my calendar week reads like a 1986 rolodex found at the 59th street stop on the N/R.

one should not eat salt in the morning. or sugar.

so last night, right after entering the fancy "talking party" I saw Julie and gave her a bright hello. Right in front of some somebody, we both went to kiss the same cheek, and ended up kissing each other on the lips.

Talk about embarrassing. so more important than shaking chelsea and ian's hands, I kissed my first girl.

We were later joking about the kiss and I was like "gosh that was just horribly embarrassing!" and my (hot girlfriend) was like "well it wasn't THAT bad". Then I was reminded of a rumor that was being spread around the office a few years back (my old office) about how (my hot new girlfriend) and my boss were supposed secret lovers (totally NOT true. the rumor was started by a delusional seamstress grieving after her husbands death.) So I mentioned the rumor and we all had a good laugh. Then Kristin of course was a little offended that she hadn’t gotten a kiss...

Maybe tonight Kristin, but then again Taylor's suit was really classy - can I kiss him instead? Pretty please?

one more comment on my 9-5 (read 7-4) life: my new commute to the correctional facility involves me looking at "the pit" twice daily. In the morning its like that one scene in "The 25th Hour" where they all of a sudden look out from the tribeca loft and -DA DA DA- see. the. pit.
At night its just black, wet, and miserable. not really like the florescent misery it is in the morning.

those are my 2 cents in the form of 378 words.