Lately, when I am bored, I read about Ukraine. This "orange revolution" business is interesting. Have you seen poor Yushchenko's face? I mean that's some serious scandal. Seriously. Ukraine needs a Michael Moore so they can get some fast-paced movie made about that crap.

If you watch Truffaut's The 400 Blows followed by Antoine & Colette, be sure to notice the painting on Antoine's wall of the apartment where he lives across the street from Colette.

Its the jail scene from The 400 Blows.

Last year I think I was feeling more spirit. I mean, what is Christmas spirit? The carols? Caroling?

Jessica invited me to Christmas Eve because she wants to get in the spirit, and knows full-well that I would sit on the couch with her and sing carols while annoying Jason and making asses out of ourselves in front of his friends. I actually can't wait for that, and am going to bake cookies or something tonight for the joyous occasion.

People without immediate families.

Doctors without borders.

Babies without kidneys.

Gathering together for a holiday. Bogus as it may bee.

The feeling that is. I guess its all feelings.

Geez. I have some depressing music on the player right now. A group called Ida. Don't listen to them unless you are planning to jump into the Hudson during your lunchbreak.

In which case, grab my hand & take me with you.