I would like to take the Christ out of Christmas. I mean how many of you actually thought about Jesus being born? None of you. Why?

Because it didn't happen.

So lets get over this Christ business, and just accept the fact that we all like to get each other presents because of the good things we do for each other throughout the year.
We like to decorate our houses and make them pretty because winter is a dark, cold season. Burning fires in a fireplace, and putting up pretty lights only makes sense.
We like to sing songs of winter. Songs that we only sing at winter. Not songs of Christ. But winter.
We like to remind ourselves that spring will come again, and there will be vegetation yet again - so we chop down a tree and stick it in our house to remind us about the green in the future.

Am I right? Do I at least have a point?

I am going to stop feeling guilty about not thinking about Jesus on Christmas. In fact when I have a family, I am going to try to emphasize celebrating winter as a season all its own.

Maybe for every gift we give someone, we have to give a gift to the earth. Or for every tree we cut down, we have to plant another.

Same goes for Santa.